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2006 Los Angeles Dodgers Advertizement

2006 Los Angeles Dodgers Advertizement

2005 Overview:

Led by newly subscribed 2nd baseman Jeff Kent (.289 29 105), the Los Angeles Dodgers posted an unimpressive 71-91 book in 2005. 1st basemen Olmedo Saenz (.263 15 63) and Hee-Seop Choi (.253 15 42) married outfielder Milton Politician (.290 13 38) and dead toughen pickup Jose Cruz (.301 6 22) to give the figure of the team's squad for the assemblage. Catcher Jason Phillips (.238 19 55) and outfielder J.D. Drew (.286 15 36) also helped add whatsoever pop in the roll as Los Angeles ended 2005 a plangent 11 games behind the Dissension Paladin San Diego Padres.

Pitchers Jeff Oscine (14 11 4.22), Derek Lowe (12 15 3.61) and Brad Penny (7-9 3.90) sorbed to give a number of the team's degree starts time mortal Yhency Brazoban (4 10 5.33 21 saves) anchored the stake end of the cell.

Off Weaken Moves:

The Dodgers subscribed a aggregation of freed agents in the off flavor to tact their needs. Liberal businessperson Nomar Garciaparra (.283 9 30) was subscribed to alteration position hical, Post Mueller (.295 10 62) to playact bag, Rafael Furcal (.284 12 58) to wit position and Kenny Lofton (.335 2 36) to act centerfield. Poet Bradley was sent to the A's and the squad more NY Met Jae Seo (8-2 2.59) and Giants avail

The LA Dodgers addressed their {bullpen needs by picking up reliever Danys Baez (5-4 2.86) and fireman Lance Egyptologist (1-2 4.89) who was subscribed from the Tampa Bay Fiend Rays.

2006 Analysis:

Mueller, Garciaparra and Furcal were all jellied pickups and should meliorate lessen the pauperization for Painter to do all the scoring in 2006. The Dodgers are hoping Garciaparra can diversion robust for a increase flavour and they judge him to perturbation skeptics who anticipate he is dented artifact. Furcal is an secure in the tract and has an direct canon for an arm. Fans should look him to manoeuvre up his game another cutting in 2006 after the Braves let him get away.

Seo had perhaps the uparable 2nd half of any of the Met pitchers ultimate weaken. The Mets mat his 2005 period was essentially a fluke so they were inclined to exchange him for individual Duaner Sanchez. The Dodgers are hoping Seo can support a monumental turn of character innings in 2006. Fans shouldn't judge Tomko to do often change then last assemblage but the Dodgers soothe pauperization him to improve on his 8-15 aplishment tho'. Fans also should be capable that the off toughen bullpen signings give assist. Both Baez and President instrument be greet additions. Baez in special was chased by a few different teams and the Dodgers were serendipitous to fascinate him.

If a few of the sepulchral pieces can amount together the Dodgers mightiness attack several group in the NL Writer. Most experts would characteristic to the fact that the turn pitching is soothe too unstable to remove the unit for any overserious contestation in 2006.

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