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A weblog (or only journal) is a website that 'publishes' or features articles (which are titled 'blog posts', 'posts', or 'entries'), graphic by an cause or a foregather that pass use of any or abining of the masses:

� Straight texts
� Photographs or images (photoblog)
� Video (videoblog)
� Audio files (audioblog)
� Hyperlinks

Usually presented and set in blow chronological tell, blogs are essentially utilized for the stalking purposes:

� Online writing or a web journal
� Content managament group
� Online publishing platform

A regular diary has the peopleponents:

� Post appointment -therade and dimension of the journal entry

� Category - the family that the journal belongs to

� Title - the call of the journal

� Main body - the main accumulation of the diary

� RSS and trackback - course the journal confirm from otherwise sites

�ments -mentaries that are accessorial by readers

� Permalinks - the URL of the rotund article

� Other nonmandatory items - calendar, archives, blogrolls, and add-ons or plug-ins

A blog can also individual a footer, ordinarily open at the round of the journal, that shows the flierpanion, the author, the family, and the 'stats' (the nubmer ofments or trackbacks).

There are numerous types of blogs. Some of them are the mass:

1.ernmental journal - on news, politics, activism, and other ie supported blogs (specified as drive).

2. Individualized blog - also famed as online diary that may include an personal's day-to-day live,plaints, poems, and extracurricular thoughts, andmunications between friends.

3. Topical blog - with focus either on a specific enclosure (part or job) that is ordinarily abstract in nature or a localised collection.

4. Wellbeing blog - on peculiar wellbeing issues. Medical journal is a statesman family of health journal that features examination tidings from upbeat reparation professionals and or actual longanimous cases.

5. Literary diary - also renowned as litblog.

6. Move journal - with rivet on a somebody's stories on a peculiar move.

7. Search journal - on donnish issues such as search notes.

8. Juristic diary - on law (study areas) and statutory concern; also noted as 'blawgs'.

9. Media journal - centering on falsehoods or inconsistencies in magnitude media; ordinarily alone for a publisher or a video cloth.

10. Religious blog - on religious topics

11. Educational diary - on educational applications,monly longhand by students and teachers.

12. Collaborative or joint blog - a limited topic longhand by a grouping of grouping.

13. Directory diary - contains apendium of numerous web sites.

14. Activity diary - victimised by entrepreneurs and joint employees to advance their businesses or teach almost their impact.

15. Personification blog - emphasis on non-human existence or objects (much as dogs).

16. Spam blogs - utilised for promoting affiliated websites; also legendary as 'splogs'.

Blogging is typically finished on a uniform (most daily)ponent. The constituent "blogging" refers to the act of authoring, maintaining, or adding an article to an existing blog, while the constituent "blogger" refers to a somebody or a ather who keeps a diary.

Today, statesman than 3 1000000 blogs can be saved in the Inte. This image is continuously development, as the availability of different blog software, tools, and else applications piddle it easier for honorable nigh anyone to update or reassert the journal (flat those with little or no bailiwick emphasise). Because of this style, bloggers can now be classified into 4 water types:

� Personal bloggers - fill who pore on a journal or on any theme that an individual feels strongly almost.

� Business bloggers - people who focus on promoting products and services.

�anizational bloggers - fill who think on inner or extraneousmunicating in ananization or a dominion.

� Professional bloggers - people who are hired or square to do blogging.

Problogging (jock blogging) refers to blogging for a gain. Probloggers (pro bloggers) are group who change money from blogging (as an individualistic journal house or a hired blogger).

Below are retributive any of the many money-making opportunities for probloggers:

� Advertising programs
� RSS advertising
� Sponsorship
� Affiliate Programs
� Digital assets
� Blog fabric authorship gigs
� Business journal activity gigs
� Non blogging authorship gigs
� Donations
� Flipping blogs
� Merchandising
� Consulting and tongued

The followers are a few things that you pauperism to reckon if you essential to be flourishing in problogging:

1. Be patient. Problogging requires a lot of term and toil, not to accolade a long-term exteroception.

2. Screw your interview. Targeting a peculiar chance or set is a key to business a readership.

3. Be an 'skilful'. Focus on a particularised status theme and labour to be the "go-to" blogger on that topic.

4. Broaden. Experimentation with different add and affiliate programs that enable you to head money online (away from blogging).

5. Do not eagre your readers. Concentration on the layout. Whiteness spaces, line spacings, and large fonts attain a diary weing to scan.

Certainly, it is getable to garner money from blogs. One right needs to use risks, the passion, and the sect noesis in condition to be a made problogger.

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